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This is the personal website of Alec Rust, front end web developer based in London.

I’ve been working in the web industry since 2004, developing and designing for a wide range of clients. I love web standards, user experience, performance and responsive design. Since 2007 I’ve been working in London with companies ranging from small startups such as Shopa to large companies like BBC Worldwide and Universal Music.

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Career History

I started building low-cost websites for local and international clients to gain experience, which gave me an early introduction to managing client needs. During this time I also launched personal projects such as Honda Civic Forum and Web Host Reviews among others.

I moved to London and took a developer position with the multi-channel marketing agency RAPP UK. This gave me exposure to the fast-paced agency environment, high profile clients such as Apple and Disney and my first introduction to working with a team. A year later I joined BBC Worldwide where I spent the next four years working on high traffic websites such as the BBC homepages, Top Gear, BBC Good Food, Radio Times, Gardeners’ World and others. The various different teams I worked with during this time provided me with a broad understanding of good development processes and workflows.

In 2011 I sold Honda Civic Forum, which had grown to become the UK’s largest Honda Civic community with over 23,000 members. This allowed me to dedicate more time to other personal projects which weren’t previously feasible. At the end of 2011 I left BBC Worldwide and moved to Universal Music, where I built responsive sites like Mercury Records and Sinfini Music.

In 2014 I joined the small start-up Shopa, to help develop a personalised shopping and product sharing platform. I was with the company whilst it grew from a handful of employees to over 30, and went back to contracting in 2015 to help the BBC deliver the new online presence for BBC Three which was being moved off air.

I’m currently working with London-based agency Featurist, building websites and applications for a wide range of clients.

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