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How to deploy from GitHub via Jenkins on OpenShift

You may want to store your OpenShift application’s code on GitHub. We can trigger Jenkins builds from GitHub when a new commit is made using post-receive hooks and the Jenkins GitHub Plugin.

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How to deploy via Jenkins on OpenShift

OpenShift offers one-click attachment of a Jenkins instance to your application. When created in this way from within an application’s dashboard, it will be automatically configured to deploy changes pushed to your gear’s git repository.

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How to create a WordPress site on OpenShift

OpenShift is a platform similar to Heroku that allows developers to easily create application hosting environments with a few clicks or commands. In this post I’ll be running through setting up a basic WordPress site on a free OpenShift application “gear”.

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Inconsistent radio input “focus” behaviour

The other day I was investigating some odd behaviour in a form. Users were clicking the text label next to a radio input (which if set up correctly selects that radio input) but were then unable to use the Enter key to submit the form.

This contradicts with the idea that if a user’s browser focus is on a form input, the Enter key will submit that form. Here’s HTML for a basic form with two radio inputs:

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CSS Selector Methods Roundup

In CSS, selectors are patterns used to select the element(s) you want to style. But what’s the best way of using them to aid maintainability and  performance in your code?

One of the most common ways to mark-up and style a web page has always been to use ID selectors to target main sections of a page, along with element and class selectors to target the content within. Here’s an example of a basic news feed module.

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This Blog

This blog is my fresh new slice of cyberspace, primarily for recording web development techniques and news I find interesting for future reference. I’m posting it publicly, so feedback is always welcome!

Only about 5 years late (something about cobbler’s children) my redesigned portfolio site has arrived. A place to house my CV and record past work and projects, but also a place to start that infamous ol’ thing – a blog. I’ll be posting here when the mood takes me, to record new web development techniques, industry news and generally information I feel like whimsically bawling to the world.

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