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This blog is my fresh new slice of cyberspace, primarily for recording web development techniques and news I find interesting for future reference. I’m posting it publicly, so feedback is always welcome!

Only about 5 years late (something about cobbler’s children) my redesigned portfolio site has arrived. A place to house my CV and record past work and projects, but also a place to start that infamous ol’ thing – a blog. I’ll be posting here when the mood takes me, to record new web development techniques, industry news and generally information I feel like whimsically bawling to the world.

The Site Design

When I sat down to redesign my portfolio site I decided to throw out many of the design conventions most website’s use. I didn’t want to end up with a box in the middle of all those large screens, failing to utilise the pixels on either side. I also didn’t want to end up with a full-width stack of rows, which seems even more common these days. In the end I opted for making almost every UI component on the site a percentage-based width, and spread around the screen. This allows the all the space on large screens to be utilised, whilst retaining element proportions when scaling. There is no “full width” to the responsive nature of the site; it simply keeps on scaling. I toyed with the idea of building this site upon Anchor CMS or jekyll, but in the end settled with trusty WordPress for the features it offers out of the box. The blog and site in general is just out of Beta so I’ll be adding features and improvements over time. A public GitHub repository for the codebase of this site is available if anyone’s interested in the WordPress theme or other code.

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