Browse below some of the personal projects I’ve started.

Honda Civic Forum logo

Honda Civic Forum

In 2007 I started Honda Civic Forum, a phpBB-powered forum dedicated to improving and modifying Honda Civics.

The project began simply as an SEO exercise when I seized the opportunity to own the query-matching domain name “”. After a concentrated effort of content production and marketing the site soon took off and became a thriving online community that grew exponentially. A huge amount of work was done on the site over the years, including various new custom built sections like a classifieds system, as well as a new HTML5/CSS3-enhanced front-end. An emphasis on clear, simple information structure and fast loading pages allowed maximum SEO potential. By 2012 Honda Civic Forum had a 23,000+ member strong user-base and was the largest Honda Civic community in the UK. To free up time for other projects I then sold it to an auto network company who’ve continued to help the community grow. At last count there were 32,000+ members on the site.

Web Host Reviews logo

Web Host Reviews

In 2007 I started Web Host Reviews, an independent and honest web host review website.

The site is community driven by submissions from real customers, and includes a Top 5 ranking list on the home page. Unfortunately it’s been left stagnating for a few years now but still receives a steady flow of traffic and referral income. I plan on rebuilding this website in the near future to provide a new platform for people to share web host reviews.