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Adobe Flash is a multimedia and software platform used for creating rich media on the Web.

Universal Music company logo

Universal Music

Between December 2011 to January 2014 I worked with Universal Music in London on their artist websites and a new classical music portal called Sinfini Music.

We worked with the Universal Music team in Japan to build localised version of our websites using Umbraco.

BBC Worldwide company logo

BBC Worldwide

Between 2008 and 2012 I worked for BBC Worldwide, the wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the BBC.

I began by supporting and building new features for their “passion sites” such as Top Gear, BBC Good Food, Radio Times and Gardeners’ World among others. After a year I moved to the Public Service’s Domestic Homepage team and helped launch the 2009 BBC.co.uk homepage. I then came back to BBC Worldwide to work on rebuilding the Top Gear website, which we launched in 2010. I spent the remainder of my employment at BBC Worldwide working for BBC.com, the international facing website that sits on the BBC.com domain rather than BBC.co.uk. During this time I learnt about various work methodologies and development processes, as well as working with high traffic websites and content delivery networks.

Pfizer company logo


During my time working for RAPP UK we developed two health and wellbeing information websites for Pfizer.

We built information websites for the company which allowed users to better understand their general health and fitness.

RAPP UK company logo


Between 2007-2009 I worked for RAPP UK (then called WWAV Rapp Collins) a leading London creative agency.

Working in the web development team I built HTML email templates, marketing web pages and websites for brands including Apple, Air France, Barclays, Cancer Research UK, Crisis, Disney, Garnier, Pfizer, Unicef and Legal & General. We developed two websites for Pfizer which provided information on health and wellbeing. During this time I was also tasked with developing HTML emails that displayed consistently across leading email clients including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook. These clients have notoriously poor CSS support so achieving a consistent design was often challenging. I also developed the template for the company email newsletter which involved complex transparency layering. A screenshot of this can be seen below.

Crisis company logo


During my time working for RAPP UK I developed a website and marking page for the charity Crisis.

We built a website for the charity which allowed companies to donate their Christmas card budget to Crisis, who would send an e-card to everyone who would have previously received a card. This benefited the environment as well as homeless people and the company’s image.