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Apache Subversion (abbreviated SVN) is a software versioning and revision control system.

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During my time at BBC Worldwide I worked for a year with the BBC Public Service’s Domestic Homepage team developing the 2009 BBC.co.uk homepage. This utilised a modular custom-homepage-like layout with drag-and-drop functionality that allowed users to save their layout. I learned a lot about performance and building for high-traffic large scale websites during this time.

BBC Worldwide company logo

BBC Worldwide

Between 2008 and 2012 I worked for BBC Worldwide, the wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the BBC.

I began by supporting and building new features for their “passion sites” such as Top Gear, BBC Good Food, Radio Times and Gardeners’ World among others. After a year I moved to the Public Service’s Domestic Homepage team and helped launch the 2009 BBC.co.uk homepage. I then came back to BBC Worldwide to work on rebuilding the Top Gear website, which we launched in 2010. I spent the remainder of my employment at BBC Worldwide working for BBC.com, the international facing website that sits on the BBC.com domain rather than BBC.co.uk. During this time I learnt about various work methodologies and development processes, as well as working with high traffic websites and content delivery networks.